Friday, September 9, 2011

FOOD NEWS September 2011

Whole grains keep nutrients intact, nutrition experts say  
September is Whole Grains Month and nutritionists say consumers should read labels to find foods that are made with whole grains. "Whole grains are important because they contain all the nutrients we need. When we process our grains, we mill off the fiber that contains the micronutrients," said registered dietitian Lois Fladie, director of dietary services at Tahlequah City Hospital in Oklahoma. Tahlequah Daily Press (Okla.)

Chefs like lavender for more than its fragrance 
Well-known for its aromatherapy properties, a growing number of chefs are discovering culinary uses for lavender, which is included in the American version of herbes de Provence and can be used to spice up everything from sweet wedding cakes to savory fish and chicken dishes. The Providence Journal (R.I.)

Keller on sous-vide: Yes, you can try this at home
Thomas Keller says home cooks can replicate expensive sous-vide equipment using a large cooler, plastic wrap and a probe thermometer. A well-sealed picnic cooler should retain water temperature for about an hour, he said, and for longer cooking times the temperature can be adjusted by adding more warm water. Los Angeles Times

Sweet potatoes prove popular among health-conscious consumers 
Sweet potatoes are growing in popularity at restaurants as consumers seek a healthier alternative to white potatoes. While doctors tout the health benefits of roasted sweet potatoes, the most popular way to eat the orange tuber is fried, according to Technomic Los Angeles Times

Savvy US consumers are increasingly turning to store brands and private labels as the size of some packaged goods shrink, according to a new survey from Deloitte

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