Sunday, August 28, 2011

Food News

What's the definition of "heirloom"?
"Heirloom" is often used to describe produce that doesn't match the word's definition, and many consumers and growers are often confused by the meaning. Typically, a plant is "heirloom" if it's different from the common varieties and has been cultivated using methods passed down through a family for at least 50 years. The term has been growing in popularity, as fruit and vegetable producers seek to make their products stand out Los Angeles Times

Foods That You Need Not Buy Organic
Organic foods can be healthy choices, but Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick says for some items, such as fruit with a thick skin or rind, it's not worth paying the extra cost. Pineapple, cantaloupe, sweet corn and onions are on the list of organic foods to skip and are on the Environmental Working Group's "Clean 15" list of foods that are the least contaminated with pesticides.WJBK-TV (Detroit)

Quickservice restaurants adding veggies, fruits to menus
McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King have all added "fresh" options to their menus, trying to capitalize on the fresh-food movement started by Subway and Chipotle. NPD Group said the quickservice chains want to attract weight-conscious Americans, but will have a hard time deterring their fries-and-burgers image. MSNBC/TODAY 

Corn recipe adds flavor, subtracts calories
Barbecue Mexican corn provides a flavorful and more healthful alternative to slathering the cobs with butter. Cooked ears of corn are coated with a mix of barbecue spice rub and fat-free mayonnaise, then topped with cotija cheese, cilantro and lime. Recipe tips

Tomato water captures the essence of summer
Brightly flavored and nearly translucent tomato water, popular in the 1990s, is a good way to capture the summer flavors of overripe tomatoes. The tomatoes are chopped and put through a colander lined with a thin dish towel.  The New York Times

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